Natalie Frost (A.K.A. Natty)

Resting bitch face, easily frustrated, and gets way too invested in 100%ing games that are less than great. Natty is too determined to quit even the worst games, but she will let
you know how terrible it is. Out loud. Constantly and begrudgingly

Age : 26
Gender : F
Height : 6' 2", 21' 7" total length
Species : Lamia

Favourite Games : Warcraft III, Red Dead Redemption, Baldur's Gate
Favourite Bands : Shinedown, Nickelback, Stone Temple Pilots
Favourite Drinks : Natural Ice, BB Stout Porter
Favourite Foods : Pad Kee Mao, Khao Soi, Banana Chips

Works at Gamesmile @ Oakville Plaza.
Lives in Waveview Apartments in San Miyu

Patricia Haldrea (A.K.A. Melty)

Lovable arsonist, open mic lobby troll, and all around agent of chaos. Melty takes pride in the amount of chaos she can cause and is enamoured with fire, which earned her the Nickname. If you imply its about her consistency, she will hate you.

Age : 25
Gender : F
Height : 5' 4"
Species : Slime

Favourite Games : Team Fortress 2, Blood, AMC Squad
Favourite Bands : Dionysus, The Longshot, Dragonforce,
Favourite Drinks : Zero Sugar Monster Energy, Pineapple Snapple
Favourite Foods : Lemon Pepper Wings, Garbage Plate, Loco Moco

Works at Gamesmile @ Oakville Plaza.
Lives in Waveview Apartments in San Miyu.

Millicent Prower Second (A.K.A. Millie)

Local livestreamer, Speedrunner, and Capital-G GAMER. Her line of work and insistence on owning physical game copies keeps driving her back into the store, where she hangs out with her friend Melty and her "friend" Natty.
Named herself after her stream and speedrunning handle MillieSecond and also Tails when she legally changed her name.

Age : 27
Gender : F
Height : 5' 10"
Species : Human

Favourite Games : Goonies II, Ocarina of Time, MySims
Favourite Bands : RainbowDragonEyes, Anamanaguchi, The Megas
Favourite Drinks : Cranberry Gin, Fireball, Four Roses Bourbon
Favourite Foods : Steak, Waffles w/ Berries, Sunny Side Up Eggs on top of Hashbrowns

Works as a Livestreamer and Speedrunner @MillieSecond.
Lives in Whitehead Shores Condos in Downtown San Miyu.